Rampage 3.5″ “Street” MAF Housing for PRL HVI – FK8 Civic Type-R

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The MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor measures the incoming air into the engine which is crucial to the ECU’s operation. A correctly calibrated MAF is imperative to proper engine operation, even more so on the Bosch ECU’s found in the new Civic Type R’s that use a complex aircharge model.

The OEM MAF will max out above its 5 volt limit even on stock turbo Type R’s causing the ECU to have an inaccurate measurement of the incoming air resulting in less than desirable engine operation. Hondata addressed this by allowing interpolation beyond the 5 volt limit, which until now this has been the standard way of tuning. We here at Rampage Fabrication & Design have designed our new 3.5″ MAF housing as a direct replacement for the PRL HVI MAF housing to allow the ECU to operate at higher boost levels without going over the 5 volt limit, thus giving the ECU an accurate measurement of airflow and allowing proper operation of the torque based system.

During testing we were able to run our RS-550 drop in turbocharger to 31psi without going over the 5 volt limit! A big improvement from the OEM sized housing that was maxed out at only 26psi. The Rampage MAF housing is a direct replacement for the PRL HVI Street MAF housing and requires no additional parts or modifications, it also maintains the use of a velocity stack found on the PRL design.

*Professional tuning required* Rampage Fabrication tuning services are available using Hondata FlashPro. Email sales@rampagefab to set up your tuning appointment.




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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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