Savini SV-F2




The all-new SV-F collection, which utilizes advanced flow form technology. These wheels are our strongest and lightest wheels to date, thanks to a combination of enhanced engineering and state-of-the-art technology that’s used to create each wheel. With flow form technology, we maintain the overall integrity of each and every SV-F design while applying pressure to the wheel’s inner barrel to compress and stretch the aluminum to increase its tensile strength, resulting in lighter and stronger wheels!


Available Sizes: 20×8.5 | 20×9. | 20×10 | 20×11 | 20×12 | 22×9 | 22×11 | 22×12


Make sure to specify in a note at check out the desired offset and lug pattern required for your application. Price listed is per wheel and may change based on size and finish


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