R35 RS-1600 Intercooler Install


-Clip Tool Set OR Needle Nose Pliers/ Flat Head Screw Driver


-10mm Socket

-12mm Socket

-Air Saw


-Drill bit larger than 1/8”

-#5 Allen

  • Remove Front Bumper
  • Detach wiring harness from bumper support beam and unplug all connections. Move harness out of the way.
  • Detach hood latch cables from bumper support beam and remove cables from both latches by removing the 2 10mm bolts that hold the latch in place.
  • Remove 5 10mm bolts that hold the bumper support beam in place and remove beam.
  • Discard the bracket below the hood latch using a clip tool and 10mm socket. This will no longer be needed.
  • Take the foam off the front crash bar and remove the 2 10mm nuts holding the undertray support brackets. On the bottom of the crash bar is 4 clips that need to be removed as well.
  • Remove crash bar by taking out the 8 12mm bolts located on the front of the crash bar.
  • Undo all 4 soft pipes connecting to the intercooler.
  • From here you will remove the intercooler with the plastic attached as one. There are  11 10mm bolts holding the unit in place.
  • Once removed from vehicle the air dam will need to be drilled out from the backside using a drill bit roughly the same size as the rivet. Drill fast to unsure the rivet releases before spinning in place. If it does end up spinning use a small punch to break it out.
  • With air dam out of the way the factory intercooler can now be removed via the 6 12mm bolts that hold it in place.
  • Follow the white marks on the plastic for a reference on where to cut to make room for the RS1600 intercooler.
  • Once cut and cleaned up, reinstall the plastic and everything you had just taken apart.
  • The RS-1600 Intercooler can now be installed with the included hardware.
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