Will the Rampage Fabrication Titanium FK8 Inlet fit my vehicle?

The FK8 Civic titanium inlet pipe made by Rampage Fabrication is designed to follow OEM routing, and as such will fit all intakes that work with the OEM inlet pipe. It is designed for the 2017+ Civic Type R but also directly fits the FK2 and can be made to work with other models using the k20c1 engine such as 2017+ Accord. It does NOT fit the Civic Si.

Will the Rampage Fabrication Titanium FK8 Inlet fit my oem air box?

The Rampage Fabrication FK8 titanium inlet is designed to work with the OEM air box, as such it is compatible with all aftermarket intakes that follow the OEM routing and are compatible with the OEM inlet pipe.

How do I clean my Rampage Fabrication titanium product?

Oils from handling titanium products without wearing gloves, or using a dirty cloth to wipe down the item can dull the finish of titanium.  The best way to bring it back to life is to use a mild solution of Dawn dish soap with a paper towel and dry it with a brand new clean paper towel.  Do not use abrasives or other chemicals. Always wear nitrile gloves when handling titanium.

How much power is the RS-550 good for?

We have seen the RS-550 turbo make 540whp (to date) with supporting mods. Its stock frame with increased compressor velocity retains like stock turbo spool while providing a higher volume of air for top end power.

Do you accept cores?

Yes, we do, however, there are a handful of conditions that will cause a reduced core refund. Some examples of defects include broken studs, siezed studs, damaged wastegate arm/housing, etc. Damage will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and the customer will be informed of the damage at the time of their refund.

Will the Rampage G-series kit work with my stock engine?

Yes. We have multiple customers running our G-series turbo kits on stock engines. The additional size of the turbo shifts the power band north in the RPM range, reducing the torque impact on the rods. A quality pro-tune and sufficient fuel supply is required.

Will the Rampage G-series kit work with my air box?

The Rampage Fabrication G-series turbo kits come with a replacement inlet pipe designed to work with Garrett turbochargers. It is designed to work with the OEM & PRL High Volume Intake systems. It can be made to work with Eventuri but Rampage Fabrications holds no responsibility for its compatibility.

Will The Rampage Fabrication RS-1600 race intercooler work with my charge pipes?

Our RS-1600 race intercooler for the Nissan R35 GTR is designed for use with either OEM charge piping (Street pipe adapters) or with the Rampage Fabrication complete race piping kit. All other charge piping is used at the customers discretion. If your aftermarket piping meets up to your OEM intercooler, then our street piping kit may work, though Rampage Fabrication holds no responsibility for this.

Is the Rampage Fabrication Chromoly Bolt-in Track Roll bar sanctioned for use in NHRA events?

At this time, our roll bar does NOT meet the rules set forth in the 2021 NHRA rulebook for the following two reasons:

  1. Sidebar must be included on driver’s side and must pass the driver at a point midway between the shoulder and elbow. Swing-out sidebar permitted. (PDF Page 88)
  2. Unibody cars with stock floor and firewall (wheeltubs permitted) may attach roll bar with 6-inch x 6-inch x .125-inch steel plates on top and bottom of floor bolted together with at least four 3/8-inch bolts and nuts, or weld main hoop to rocker sill area with .125-inch reinforcing plates, with plates welded completely. Also, the roll bar may be welded to frame connectors that are fully welded in place and are 1 5/8 inches x .118-inch MS or .083-inch CM round and/or 2 inch x 2 inch x .058 MS or CM rectangular. (PDF Page 325)

At this time, Rampage Fabrication isn’t planning a revision to our roll bar to add a side bar. A full bolt on R35 GTR and a tune will run mid to low ten second ET’s, which are already beyond the cutoff where a roll CAGE becomes a mandated safety item. Our roll bar ties into the factory chassis braces, substantially stronger and thicker than what’s outlined in the NHRA rulebook. We’d recommend that you petition your local track officials to examine our roll bar and it’s mounting system and make their own determination as to whether or not it’s sufficient for the class or series you happen to be racing in.

2021 NHRA Rulebook

fWhat is a turbocharger’s A/R ratio?

For a detailed explanation please follow the link to Garrett’s website here. For additional help selecting the right A/R for your build, contact sales@rampagefab.com

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