Will the Rampage Fabrication Titanium FK8 Inlet fit my?

The FK8 Civic titanium inlet pipe made by Rampage Fabrication is designed to follow OEM routing, and as such will fit all intakes that work with the OEM inlet pipe. It is designed for the 2017+ Civic Type R but also directly fits the FK2 and can be made to work with other models using the k20c1 engine such as 2017+ Accord. It does NOT fit the Civic Si.

How much power is the RS-450 good for?

We have seen the RS-450 turbo make 450whp with supporting mods. Its stock frame with increased compressor velocity retains like stock turbo spool while providing a higher volume of air for top end power.

Will the Rampage G-series kit work with my stock engine?

Yes. We have several customers running both our G25-550 & G25-660 turbo kits on stock engines. The additional size of the turbo shifts the power band north in the RPM range, reducing the torque impact on the rods. A quality pro-tune and sufficient fuel supply is required.

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