Lead times for producing our in-house products is between 4-8 weeks depending on the part. Please contact us at sales@rampagefab.com or call us at 360-878-9565 to get a more accurate lead time on the part you desire. All Rampage Fabrication & Design products carry a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty includes but is not limited to material flaws, design issues, production defects, shipping damage. This warranty DOES NOT include damages due to improper installation, abuse of products, extreme duty, etc. We do not extend this warranty to race vehicles as they see an excessive amount of abuse and thus, drastically shorten the expected lifespan of materials. Improper handling or installation of products will not be covered under any warranty. It is Rampage Fabrication & Design’s advice to always use gloves when handling new products (titanium especially) and failure to do so may result in an undesirable finish on products. Turbochargers are exempt from this warranty. More specifically, the RS-450 has an 18 month standalone policy involving their installation and operation. 


Rampage Fabrication & Design products are intended for off-road use only. Modifying a vehicle from its original form can interfere with emissions devices and operation. Modifying the emissions on a vehicle may be illegal in some areas and it is the customer’s sole responsibility to be informed about the legalities of aftermarket products in their area. Rampage Fabrication & Design holds no accountability for emissions standards and/or any tickets, fines, punishment associated with running aftermarket products either built or sold by Rampage Fabrication & Design. Rampage Fabrication & Design honors all warranties on vendor parts sold through Rampage Fabrication & Design. Please do not contact manufacturers directly.


All returns must be initiated within 30 days of purchase. Cancelled orders after payment will be charged a 3% cancellation fee and up to a 15% restocking fee. Returned orders will be shipped at the customer’s cost with up to a 15% restocking fee unless otherwise agreed upon. Transaction fees not associated with Rampage Fabrication & Design will be the sole responsibility of the customer.


All shipping will be paid at the customer’s expense, unless previously agreed upon with Rampage Fabrication & Design. International orders may include import duties. These duties are issued by federal governments of the receiving country and is the sole responsibility of the customer. Rampage assumes no responsibility for any import duties or taxes you may incur.


Rampage Fabrication & Design is not responsible for the installation or compatibility of parts. It is understood that modifying a vehicle from stock requires knowledge and the ability to work on such vehicles and failure to do so correctly may lead to catastrophic failures. Failure to have the PCM professionally calibrated after installing aftermarket parts may lead to catastrophic damage. Rampage Fabrication & Design holds no responsibility for any damage to customer vehicles caused by mis-installed or incorrect parts.


All custom work performed by Rampage Fabrication & Design is built as a one-off item and as such has a varying price structure. Our team will strive to adequately quote out all work at the best of their ability using the resources available. Due to the nature of quoting unseen products, all quotes and/or estimates are subject to change at Rampage Fabrication & Design’s discretion. By placing an order for custom work with Rampage Fabrication & Design the customer acknowledges that the price may change once work begins, due to unforeseen issues with the vehicle. All custom work is non refundable.


All work performed by Rampage Fabrication & Design is guaranteed to be without defect and completed in a professional manner in accordance with Washington State law. Rampage Fabrication & Design staff will do their best to give accurate estimates of all work to be performed prior to it beginning. If situations arise where there will be a significant increase (more than $150) in the cost of service work, Rampage Fabrication & Design staff will contact the customer for additional consent. Rampage Fabrication & Design is not responsible for the fitment of parts not specifically made by Rampage Fabrication & Design. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure the correct fitment and operation of parts. If under any circumstances parts do not fit or require modification, adequate charges will be applied. Rampage Fabrication & Design staff will always do their best to give sound and reasonable advice. Failure to adhere to instruction voids all warranties and responsibility on Rampage Fabrication & Design’s behalf.


All products built by Rampage Fabrication & Design are the sole intellectual property of Rampage Fabrication & Design LLC. Any attempt to duplicate designs, features, or labeling without the direct written consent of Rampage Fabrication & Design will result in the accused parties being prosecuted to the full extent of the law. By purchasing Rampage Fabrication & Design’s products you acknowledge that you are entering into an agreement with Rampage Fabrication & Design to uphold all intellectual property requirements.


Tuning is the act or process of reflashing/calibrating the vehicle’s onboard computer system (ECM, ECM, PCM, TCM, BCM, ETC) and as such comes with inherent risks. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure a vehicle is mechanically sound and adequately prepared for tuning. The process of tuning involves driving a vehicle both on road and on a dynamometer, at varying speeds and demands. As such the customer acknowledges the risks involved with tuning and releases all liability from Rampage Fabrication & Design and its employees/affiliates. It is the customer’s sole responsibility for any and all damages that occur to the vehicle during, or after tuning such as but not limited to engine failure, transmission failure, ECU failure, etc. The customer agrees to allow Rampage Fabrication & Design employees to operate the vehicle both on a dynamometer and on public and private roadways with no liability to damages that may occur during the tuning process.


ECM – Engine Control module (Engines computer)

PCM – Power-train Control Module (Engines computer)

TCM – Transmission Control Module (Transmissions computer)

BOV – Blow Of Valve

IWG – Internal Wastegate

EWG – External Wastegate

SD – Speed Density

FPR – Fuel Pressure Regulator

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