Rampage RS-550 Install Instructions

  1. Remove inlet pipe, downpipe (we recommend SeaFoam Deep Creep penetrating oil on cold hardware, let soak 1 hour), and disconnect all oil, water and vacuum lines going to OEM turbo.
  2. Remove OEM turbo.
  3. Remove OEM wastegate actuator with linkage attached. (DO NOT undo the linkage, it should be a direct swap, fine tuning may be necessary.)
  4. Prepare RS-550 turbo by installing BOV over the included shim and insert hose over barb.  Next, install water lines with 90° fitting on the top/side port and 60° fitting on the bottom/side port.  Install oil drain hose with 45° fitting on the bottom of the turbo.  Tighten fittings before installing turbo in the orientation shown in the photos.
  1. Install OEM wastegate actuator and linkage.
  1. Carefully install turbo to cylinder head with new supplied gasket.  Torque head bolts to OEM specs.
  2. Connect BOV vacuum line to engine hard line.
  3. Connect charge elbow to turbo and torque to OEM specs.
  4. Connect the lower water hose to the water pump barb on engine using the OEM clamp.
  5. Connect upper water hose to the hard line that mounts to the inlet pipe using OEM clamp.
  1. Connect oil drain hose to the return port on the block using OEM clamp.
  1. Prime turbo by squirting a small amount of engine oil into the oil feed port (small syringe works well).  Next, install the pre-fit oil feed line using your existing block o-ring, loosely install banjo bolt on top port of turbo with provided crush washers.  Thread OEM bolt into block and tighten.  Tighten oil feed banjo bolt to approximately 17lb/ft.  Less may be required to achieve a leak free seal, but be aware that the center housing is aluminum and can easily be cross-threaded or over-torqued.
  1. Re-install turbo brace, downpipe with existing gasket, install inlet pipe with NO GASKET (o-ring seal is integrated in new turbo), and any other aftermarket accessories associated with your vehicle.
  2. We recommend that you perform an oil change with any new turbo install.
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