Spec 1000/1200 Install Instructions

  1. Carefully remove the OEM turbos preserving all OEM water and oil lines as they will be re-used with the new turbos. Save OEM exhaust manifold gaskets and downpipe gaskets as well.
  2. Clock the new turbos by loosening the exhaust CHRA screws (DO NOT UNDO THE COMPRESSOR SIDE). Fit the turbos on the engine with the OEM exhaust manifold gasket and firmly snug a few manifold nuts down to hold the turbos in place. Next, fit the oem heat shields to the manifolds and use a few screws to hold them in place. Using a combination of the wastegates, inlets, and charge pipes, orient the turbos to the best fitment and snug the outer CHRA screws with a 10mm wrench. It is important to remember that the inlets need to be as far in toward the motor as possible. Some inlets require the heat shields to be lightly massaged (hammered) for additional clearance once installed. 
  1. Remove the turbos and firmly tighten the CHRA bolts with a 10mm wrench. There is no way to measure the TQ spec on these so tighten them down with a quality open end wrench in an X pattern until they are fully seated and tight.
  2. With the provided 7/16” drill bit, use a drill press and vice to enlarge the OEM oil feed line so the larger banjo bolt will fit through it. It is important to use some cutting fluid during this process and to drill on a relatively slow speed. Carefully de-burr the banjos and spray clean with brake clean and compressed air, as to not introduce foreign particles to the new turbos.
  3. Starting with the driver side turbo, swap the lower water line to the new turbo. Install banjo bolt with provided M12 crush washers but do not torque yet. Use a flat head screwdriver or small pry-bar to carefully tweak the water line to fit the retainer bracket on the compressor housing. Follow this same process for installing the oil feed line on the turbo.
  1. With the lower water line on, and oil feed, install the turbo to the engine and torque the manifold nuts to spec.
  1. Tweak the water line to align to the block port and install banjo bolt and torque it.
  1. Using the 60* AN fitting, press it into the OEM hose and use the provided hose clamp to tighten the hose to the fitting. Remove the steering heat shield and carefully thread the AN fitting onto the oil drain flange and tighten.
  2. Install the wastegate actuator and set pre-load to absolute minimum tension (max 1mm) tighten linkage and install retaining clip.
  3. Install heat-shield, then inlet pipe and tighten
  1. Install upper water line that attaches to the water pipe that wraps around the engine.
  2. Set up boost control solenoid as shown in the photo, forward facing barb is not required on Speed/density tuned cars.
  1. Moving to the passenger side, repeat the same process of pre-installing the water and oil feed lines, but on this side you will need to install both water lines, and the oil feed line before bolting the turbo to the engine. MAKE SURE TO TIGHTEN WATER HOSES TO CHRA BEFORE INSTALL.
  2. Install water banjo to block and tighten
  3. Install heat shield, then inlet and tighten
  4. Install wastegate to turbo and set the same pre-load
  1. Remove the OEM oil drain hard line and cut per the photos and de-burr.
  1. Install 90* AN fitting to turbo, push the provided hose onto the fitting and trim to length. Push open end over the oil return hard line and clamp using the provided hose clamp.
  1. At the back of the engine, you will need to insert the oil feed banjos and new crush washers and tighten both to the oil feed distribution block.
  2. Re-install downpipes and all other accessories. If re-using the lower/side heat shields, it is important to make sure that they clear the wastegate linkages during full actuation. This can be done by pressurizing each gate to about 25psi. 8/
  3. We recommend pressure testing the water system to 20psi before re-installing the engine.
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