Rampage Fabrication 800R


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This is a hand-curated parts package and tuning service guaranteed to take your GTR from stock to over 800 WHP, reliably, on the stock motor and transmission. This is a fairly extensive and complicated collection of parts and services, and we understand that our customers may already be modified, so to make sure you’re not spending money on parts you don’t need, we require a phone or email consultation prior to accepting any form of payment.

Rampage Fabrication Spec1000 51mm turbos

AMS Single Brushless fuel pump and basket

RS-1600 Front Mount Intercooler with OEM adapters

Rampage Fabrication 3.5″ Speed Density Intakes

Rampage Fabrication Aluminum Coolant Reservoir

Rampage Fabrication Speed Density Kit

Injector Dynamics ID 1300 injectors

T1R Flex Fuel Kit

3.5″ Cast Downpipes

3.5″ HKS Legamax Exhaust

3″ inlets

Amsoil Transmission Service

Oil Change (Amsoil 0W-40, 6 Qt)

NGK Laser Spark Plugs (6x)

Ecutek Hardware kit + ECM flash points + TCM flash points

Includes labor and a flex fuel tune.


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